Friday, December 27, 2013

patched, found, and in surprisingly good condition

i've been pondering things archaeological of late so it was somewhat serendipitous that i received news today [via the Mendocino Handspinners and Weavers Guild, thank you!] of a garment found in a retreating glacier

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you'll find the story here

and why have i been thinking about archaeology? it's to do with dyeing...and that often textiles have become dyed by long immersion in lakes and bogs, or in the proximity of metals

so after some research [began in January 2011] i have come up with a small book on a technique that i think may become quite popular [as it brings together bottling of foods with dyeing of cloth]

it's my slightly old-fashioned response to people wanting online workshops.
a book will be useful, if only by candlelight, even when the electricity fails :-)


  1. How fascinating. I had a conversation a while back with a friendly archaeologist who mentioned the imprints of cloth that are sometimes left on metals and other objects and also the way that cloth can sometimes be preserved by the objects around it. The book looks beautiful too.

  2. Very interesting! I makes me miss my archaeological studies too, which were eons ago now, :D Thanks for sharing this and the book sounds like it's going to be a great read!
    Hugs and thanks for popping by my blog today for a quick HI! :D
    Beth P

  3. I love your new book! Thank you for putting it together. When I was young I wanted to be an archaeologist, to visit exotic places. Make great discoveries. I even dug up old bones. Of course I thought they were dinosaur bones. I was sure I made a great discovery. They turned out to be old cow bones. My family thought it funny.

  4. Hi Christi - many thanks for your lovely comments, I'm sure I have been 'here' before and will gladly visit again - I have been out of touch a bit lately with blogs as I seem to have become a Pinterest addict ;) but I'll be back again x