Thursday, August 29, 2013

From Jenni Worth (Summertime resident in Goolwa, South Australia)

I'm about to turn 70 & need to shed 'stuff' not accumulate more   But how to not take home this old afghan dress desperately in need of some TLC?

I did hesitate briefly over a coffee with a friend -who l must say did not encourage me in any way
So I bought it & l love it & am now spending time mending it where necessary for its well-being but mostly just appreciating its beauty & wondering about the life of the woman who once wore it.
The tiny sealed pouch attached to the front of the sleeve is my favourite bit -  so far

Will l be tempted to take a peek inside? Will let you know if l do.
I may hang the dress in my living area & just look it 
but it's also possible bits will find their way onto my 'one face' cloth dolls like India's from the Japanese treasures.

Some details to marvel at

Lining with twisted metal hanging loop

The sleeve medallions are slightly larger than pic
Bodice detail

Sleeve - bodice join.  Can you see the pouch?

The lining

The back. How uncomfortable wearing those underarm beaded bits.
The blessing for me...
I found the dress in a very beautiful rug gallery. The owners travel & source their own stock & they know exactly where each piece comes from & its story.
Some years ago when l was there talking about my passion for old textiles the owner very generously gave me an armful of treasures & l in return made him a doll dressed in some of the bits
He has now asked me if they can have some of my dolls to sell.
mmmmmmmmm YES!

Thanks to all out there who contribute & follow this blog & thanks as always to India for dreaming it up.
I'd love to hear from any gatherers with a desire to develop our group in some way
Happy stitching

ps.  Just realised the dear friend above is also a gatherer -  Shyama from byron bay who I see each year when I'm up north chasing the winter sun


  1. So wonderful to honor this lovely piece by taking care of it.

  2. Oh how I would love to make this dress. Thank you for showing the many details. I just finished a surface class and some of the things I learned would work well to make this. How lovely. I would love to hear more from you.

  3. When I was young - long ago - a dress like yours was my wildest dream!Unfortunately they were much to expensive for me (being a student). What a treasure!!!

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  4. In the pouch you will find a text out the Koran or a 'custom made' (by the imam) blessing or protection prayer.

  5. What a lovely story, love these dresses and this one is beautiful and has a soul.. :)

  6. What a lovely dress not many people have such wonderful treasures
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    they have like hundred of such dresses displayed online