Thursday, April 18, 2013

Subject: Mountain Lake Artists Needed

i received this as forwarded mail...

Dear Artists Friends,
  Something has changed this summer in regards to the class I usually teach at the Mountain Lake Biology Station and instead of teaching students, we would like to host a group of working artists in July. 
   This email is to inquire as to whether you or other artists you know may want to spend time on a mountaintop in central Virginia working independently alongside other artists and scientists in a beautiful and cool, (as in temperature as well as style), natural setting.
   Here is the link to the Mountain Lake Biology Station:
    This artists’ collective at Mountain Lake that I am proposing in this email is a pioneering project.  It has never been done before and its organization maybe a little bumpy.
    What MLBS would like are artists at their station during the summer.  They know scientists work better when artists are around.  This year they established a MLBS visiting artist-in-residence, and their first artist will be Ana Golici.
    Here is a link to some of her work:
    Ana will be in residence during the first 3 weeks of July and we would like to invite other artists to join us at Mountain Lake while she is there.
    Artist could come and stay anytime or all the time during July 1 – 22.  Cost would be $47.50 a day which would included a room in a shared cabin with other adult artists and 3 meals a day at the dining hall.  There would also be one classroom that would serve as a shared studio space with other artists.  Because of the limited studio space, artwork that engages the environment and/or doesn’t require controlled studio space would be best suited for the residency.  In addition, artists whose works cross over into Biology and enjoy creative exchanges with scientists will get more from their time at MLBS.
   Please let me know if you are interested in being a part of this in July, or pass this along to another artists who might.  Once I know there is an interest, I can proceed to how one might go about registering for time and space at MLBS.
Thank you
Megan Marlatt
Artist and Professor of Studio Art
University of Virginia

Megan Marlatt
Professor, Studio Art

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