Saturday, April 6, 2013

from Elizabeth Bunsen

as the sun peeks out
I am musing
about these threads
and the story that they weave
on a square of childhood blanket
the leafy blossom song
in the golden embroidery 
on a lovely bit 
of Arahannah silk
150 years old
from the hem of the silk skirt
she purchased in Turkey
touring the world on honeymoon
a transferred patch of turquoise
from Kim's gifted silk scrap 
the strip of sky blue
from my Mother's silk pants
a vertical snippet of soft seaglass gray
from her 1950's cashmere twin set
labyrinthine stitches
surround silk enclosed eucalyptus seeds
and the gum leaf patterned backside
quietly betraying the imprint
of a rusty clip
and the mahogany sandwich...

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  1. So beautiful..hope you put that story with or onto the materialxxlynda

  2. Elizabeth is a beautiful tapestry unto herself.

  3. So wonderful to see Elizabeth's work here!

  4. The stories in the stitches and marks touch me every time...
    Love love love !

  5. I am so blown away by the wonderful history that this piece possesses. This piece is very beautiful. I love this. Thank you for posting.

    from Claudette Locklear @What is a PhD by Publication?