Tuesday, January 29, 2013

more marmalade trails on the map

for the delectation of readers...new work by Hannah Lamb

 you might like to swing by Christine Mauersberger's blog for lots of other delicious things to read. my advice? fix that cup of tea before you settle in...


  1. peaceful stitching - meditation in motion

  2. Thanks India. I appreciate you sharing. It's so lovely to feel part of a wider network of stitchers and menders.

    It was interesting at the opening of the war exhibition that lots of people recollected their mothers or grandmothers darning socks with a darning mushroom... it seemed to stir up long forgotten memories.

    1. my pleasure. i had a darning mushroom from my grandmother...but it was burned in a bushfire years ago so now i just use any convenient round smooth stone :o)