Thursday, January 27, 2011

from Ulrike

Dear India,

I think, my latest obsession falls into your category of found stitched 
and dyed, even if I used some silk thread dyed with madder and some dyed 
with brazilwood.

I am not good in categorizing or even artistically describing my works. 
For me it is always more about the process of stitching fabric pieces 
together. Stitching like this is my kind of meditation. It is something 
I don't think about, don't plan, I don't tell stories, I only do. But I 
can describe what I used. Some old lace from pillow cases I inherited 
from a nice lady in the neighbourhood who died recently dyed in tea 
leaves. The exact process was more collecting what's left of my morning 
tea mingled with the lace and after a few days collecting, I poured some 
hot water over it and let it sit for a week. The underground fabric is 
linen, stitched with some wool thread and washed so that the wool thread 
would cause some puckering. And then stitching both together with some 
found buttons and the aforementioned silk thread I dyed some while ago. 
Up until now, there are two bracelets, but number three is already on 
the table wating to be assembled.

Maybe you think it fits into the found stitched and dyed project.

More pictures on my blog ( or on my flickr 
account the lace is a bit 
darker in real life. But thanks to a greyish winter sky no better 
pictures are possible right now.

be well and stay creative

Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.
- Terry Pratchett (Men At Arms) -

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  1. great workx lynda

  2. this meditation works very well. The bracelets are lovely with a lot of history in it if you think about.